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Monthly Welfare Assistance helps alleviate the burden of an individual or family who are living in difficulty and helplessness.

Monthly Welfare Assistance is given over an unspecified period and is only temporary. Basically Monthly Welfare Assistanceis not let out 'automatically', however, before Monthly Welfare Assistance can be considered several things need to be taken into consideration and evaluated, such as;

Monthly Welfare Assistance encourage recipients to continue finding work.

  • Does not override the duties and responsibilities of family members in providing support/alimony.

         As a 'token' or lessen the responsibilities held.

Frequent investigations to the recipients of the Monthly Welfare Assistance will be made from time to time to ensure that they are still eligible to receive the aid.


  • Yellow Identity Card holder
  • Living in difficulty and have children who are still in school
  • Have no income / receiving Pensions Service / Pensions Derivatives / Pensions Old Age / assistance from government agencies or non-governmental agencies.

         Approved by the Government Medical Officer if suffering from any disease that does not allow it to work.

If you are eligible to apply, the application should be;

  • submitted to the Director of Community Development Department either by letter through Penghulus / Heads of Kampong
  • or by visiting the headquarters of the Department of the Community Development or branch that is available in every district.

Required documents that need to be supplied when applying for Monthly Welfare Assistance.

  • Identity Card. ***
  • Birth Certificate / Identity Card of children. ***
  • Certificate of Marriage / Divorce Certificate (if applicable). ***
  • Death certificate of spouse (if spouse is deceased). ***
  • Government report from Medical Officer (if necessary).
  • Confirmation from the school body that the children are still in school.

         Other relevant documents.

*** A copy of the document / certificate / letter of the original and copies should be submitted

Reduction / Termination of payment of recipients Monthly Welfare Assistance and liabilities include,

  • Married or working.
  • Wife is working and is considered to be able to help in every day living.
  • Receive Old Age Pension / Wife receives Old Age Pension
  • Have children who: have reached the age of 18 and is not in school anymore; receiving any government allowance / married and other matters.
  • Receive Gratuity and other Government Pension
  • Has the means of livelihood that can support their families.

         Monthly Welfare Assistance will be stopped after the husband / father / mother is released from jail / Pusat Al-Islah