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.: Sign Language | Your Choice :.


A glimpse of info

Sign language is different from the Malay language in terms of form and structure of sentences. Thus, avoid the use of the Malay language to form sentence in sign language.


Let us all sing Brunei Darussalamís national anthem in Sign Language.
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Letís recognize  the basic of sign language.
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Sign language

Sign language is language that has been used by people who have special needs in hearing, to communicate among them and other people.

Hand code

Hand code is code as well as signals that had been standardized based on the foundations and grammar and the principles of the Malay language as it sound, discussed, written, read and understood by the public.


FINGERSPELLING is an essential part in the communication with people with special needs in hearing, which is used to spell proper noun and to spell words that have no hand code.